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Bad Food Complaints

When dining at our restaurant, you are entitled to the same rights as any other goods and services you purchase, these rights being that the food should be ‘as described’ and ‘of reasonable quality’.

As soon as you realise that your food is not up to standard, you should stop eating it and complain to a member of staff.

An example of a meal not being as described might be if it did not include some of the ingredients you expected or were promised. Not being of reasonable quality might mean that it is burnt or undercooked. Of course, reasonable quality might mean different things to different people, but in many cases, it will be obvious if the food is not up to standard.

As soon as you realise that your food is not up to standard, you should stop eating it and complain to a member of staff. You can then reject the meal and choose not to have it replaced if you wish and we will refund you in full.

Alternatively, you can ask for the meal to be ‘repaired’ or ‘replaced’, and therefore ask for a new meal or a replacement item of food. If, for example, you order a well done chicken which arrives not as per your request, then you can simply ask for a replacement chicken which meets the order you placed and therefore meets the terms of the contract agreed.

If the replacement meal or item does not meet the standard you expected, then you will have a final opportunity to ‘reject’ the meal.

In the event you reject the meal you should not have to pay for it, although you should of course pay for anything else that you eat or drink. If the restaurant replaces your meal and you are satisfied with its standard, then you will need to pay in full for it.

Speak To The Manager

If the member of staff serving you is unable to help you with your complaint, you should ask to speak to the manager instead. If you have difficulty persuading the manager that you should not have to pay for an unsatisfactory meal, you have several options available to you.

Pay Part Of The Bill

You could pay part of the bill, minus the amount owed for the food you rejected. If you do this, leave your contact details with the restaurant so they can chase you up for the remaining money if they genuinely believe that you should have paid.

You will subsequently be able to make further objections to the full payment if you feel you should not have to pay.

Pay Under Protest

Alternatively, you could pay the bill in full, but make it clear that you are paying ‘under protest’ – writing “paying under protest” on the bill itself, keeping a copy of the bill as evidence and giving your contact details to the restaurant.

This will help you to claim a refund at a later date, the first step of which would be to send a letter of complaint to the restaurant manager in which you should fully detail your complaint and the reasons why you believe your money for the unsatisfactory meal should be refunded.

Complaints on Delivery

The same procedure applies with the exception that no more than one piece of the packaged items must be missing. Upon receiving your complaint, we will log your details immediately and send out our driver to collect the food that has been delivered to the related address.

We will thoroughly inspect the order at our restaurant and carry out the necessary procedures for either a refund or meal replacement.

Please be informed that refunds may take between to 3-5 working days which is dependent on the bank as well as the cad service provider.